Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Shoe Cleaning Eraser

Shoe Cleaning Eraser

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Erase dirt from your shoes!

Never worry again about getting your shoes dirty! Give your shoes extra care with the Shoe Cleaning Eraser. This handy little cleaner quickly and effectively rubs off dust, dirt, and marks from your shoes

A must-have for shoe lovers, this eraser is infused with special decontaminating oils and detergent for effective cleaning but has a gentle texture that won’t damage your shoes. It comes into two varieties that are specially formulated for specific materials, from suede and nubuck to canvas and rubber shoes. Shaped just like an eraser, you can easily carry it anywhere for a quick cleaning touch-up.up.


  • Instant Cleaner -It offers a quick cleaning touch to remove dust, dirt, and marks. Can’t remedy discoloration due to age, chemical reactions or stains seeped into the material.
  • Gentle Texture - Possesses a gentle texture that effectively cleans with no harsh abrasion, causing no damage to your shoes.
  • Transparent Eraser - The transparent eraser specifically treats canvas, leather, and rubber shoes.
  • Pink Eraser - The pink eraser specifically treats suede and nubuck shoes.
  • Easy to Use - Shaped just like a regular eraser, it’s easy and intuitive to use. Just rub to erase!
  • Compact Size - Its small, lightweight size makes it easy to carry. Keep it handy in your bag or pocket to rub off dirt any time, anywhere.


  • Type: Transparent Eraser / Pink Eraser
  • Size: 7 cm x 1.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Product Includes

  • 1 x Shoe Cleaning Eraser

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